FREE Consulting

Consulting Services for any subject in surviving as a Jazz Artist at all levels.  Available via phone, skype, or email.  FREE! 

I am constantly asked questions by artists about how to do this and how to do that, what direction should I go, what is Harry Fox, what should be on a CD, etc.  I cover much of this in the Resource Guide Book, and I usually cover a lot of general career questions when I talk about an artist potentially doing a project with my Blujazz Label and Promotions

So there seemed to me that there is a need for a resource person that a jazz artist can call up or email and ask some questions with out having to spend a bunch of money or signing on for a contract, etc.   All I ask is that you sign up for our newsletter and you will get a once a month email about the site.


  • Define your questions as concise and as clear as you can.
  • Send a email from our contact form giving several best times to talk on the phone plus your phone number OR if you prefer to do by email request that.
  • Email your questions to me and don’t worry if they are  not exact, I just want to make sure I have time to think about them before we talk
AND if you think that this has been good for you and can afford hit the donate button and donate whatever you can towards keeping this going.
Best, Greg

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