Blujazz Management and Booking

Blujazz Management and Booking

The Blujazz Management/Booking Agency is a small roster management and booking service.

While it is not necessary to be part of the Blujazz label in order to purchase these services, the agency will still use Blujazz branding.  We treat each artist as a project so our fee structure is based upon the scope of our work.  At a minimum we charge a commission rated on the type of gig booked and level of performance fee.  We charge on a prearranged fee to do the work.    We find every artists has different needs.  We are not an exclusive service. We book Presenters, Festivals, Concerts, and Clubs.

What the Artist/Group will get:
A manager with a respected history and network in the jazz industry. Agents will work daily booking gigs and promoting the artists. Services include internet research, participation in national and regional booking conferences, collaboration with outside booking agents, and press kit development.

National Bookings
Bookings will include national jazz clubs, special events, regional and national jazz fests, concerts promoted by Blujazz, colleges/clinics, and performing arts centers.

Consultation and feedback reports
Blujazz staff will hold regular consultation and feedback reports on progress. Topics will include career strategies, contracting, promotion, and logistical planning for events.

Small Roster Management
Keeping the roster small will ensure that each artist will get their fair share of work done for them.


For more information contact:

Greg Pasenko
Phone: 773-477-6872


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