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Consulting Services for any subject in surviving as a Jazz Artist at all levels.  Available via phone, skype, or email.  

To see rates and/or purchase a consultation go to “Da Shopping Cart”  menu selection. 

I am constantly asked questions by artists about how to do this and how to do that, what direction should I go, what is Harry Fox, what should be on a CD, etc.  I cover much of this in the Resource Guide Book, and I usually cover a certain amount in when I talk about a artist potentially doing a project with Blujazz Label and Promotions

So there seemed to me that there is a need for a resource person that a jazz artist can call up or email and ask some questions with out having to spend a bunch of money or signing on for a contract, etc.   So I have created this consulting service that you can access at any time at a very very low cost.  You will get your monies worth I am easy!


  • Define your questions as concise and as clear as you can.
  • Send a email from our contact form giving several best times to talk on the phone OR if you prefer to do by email request that. Email your questions to me and don’t worry if they are  not exact, I just want to make sure I have thought about them before we talk.
  • After we agree on time, go to Shopping Cart, pick the service and level and it will take you to Pay Pal and pay by PayPal or Credit Card.
  • Pricing – 15 minute call = $25, 30 minute call = $50, 45 minute call = $75, 1 hour call – $100
I am looking forward to 

2 Responses to Personal Consulting

  1. Would like to get your thoughts on developing a jazz identity and using social media to promote this identity or brand. I'm doing a thesis on musicians and social media but I think Jazz given that it is no longer mainstream music may need to be looked at differently than mainstream music. I would be interested in a jazz identity – ie anti authoritarian & alternative in the stuyle of someone like Chet baker could be created and distributed.

    • gregpasenko says:

      Hi Terry,
      Thanks for looking at the site. Would love to give you some thoughts on your questions as this is what i do for a living. Let me think of a little on how to answer you in a succinct way. If we go any further we will have to use the consultation fees though. Also, the book is going to be uploaded to Smashwords this weekend and then they have to review formatting and then it will be avail. I will let you know,

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