ASK ME!   

I Will Answer A Short Question Via Email

If A Longer Consultation Is Needed – $50  For 30 Min Phone IMG_5644Call  

I am constantly asked questions by artists about how to do this and how to do that, what
direction should I go, what is Harry Fox, what should be on a CD, etc.  I cover much of this in the Resource Guide Book, and I usually cover a lot of general career questions when I talk about an artist potentially doing a project with my Blujazz Label and Promotions

So there seemed to me that there is a need for a resource person that a jazz artist can call up or email and ask some questions with out having to spend a bunch of money or signing on for a contract, etc.   All I ask is that you sign up for our newsletter and you will get a once a month email about the site.


  • For a short question: define your questions as concise and as clear as you can and email me.
  • For a 30 minute consultation use PayPal for $50, email me and leave your phone number and best time to call.  
Best, Greg