Jazz Artist’s Survival Guide

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The Jazz Artist’s Survival Guide

The Jazz Artist’s Survival Guide is a book discussing the areas of jazz artist’s career Skokie Stage2essential to understand to survive in today’s environment along with a comprehensive resource guide to where a jazz artist can find what is needed to help be successful in these areas. Areas include education, recording, performing, publicity, marketing, branding, distribution, and more.

The 50 plus pages will consist of 2 sections of content:

  • 5 chapters discussing the areas of a jazz artist’s career that are essential to understand to survive with a touch of my philosophy based on my experience, mistakes, and successes
  • A comprehensive resource guide that covers all of the chapters where a jazz artist can find what is needed to accomplish the above.  All in one place!

This book is  for all levels of jazz artists including students, educators, professionals.  There will be discounts for educators to purchase for classes.

I truly hope that this book/resource guide will help you find ways to further and enhance your life as a jazz artist.