Blujazz Record Label and Promotions – our buffet of services, dig in!

We offer the following services as a complete package or a “buffet”  of services that you can design your own strategy that we can price out.

National Radio Promotion – two months, we do mailings – regular reports

National Press Promotion – on-going, we do mailings – regular reports

National Distribution – you get paid once per quarter for sale

National Club Databases

National Fest Databases

Our Website Placement

Advertising in major rags

On-going support as opportunities come about

We only promote 2 artists at any one time,  where individual radio and press promoters each cost as much as our fee and promote 5 to 10 CDs at once

No Licensing, only a one-time fee

In short, we do everything a traditional label does except we do not own your product that you paid for and you don’t have to buy back your CDs to sell off gigs. You get a place to hang your hat with a well thought of national label.

What you provide:

Finished product with Blujazz Logo and UPC code or we can sticker.

CDs for promotion (number determined by scope of project)  and 50 CDS to start distro, but if we get traction then more need to be provided

A one time fee to us again determined by scope of promotion to us which includes us doing the mailing costs, distro shipping, etc. Our one-time fee range is about $800 to $3,500 depending upon the scope of the package we arrange.  The scary part….. :)